At Integral, we believe that education is a key driver of success for small businesses. With that mind, each month we deliver a Newsletter with useful content on financial markets to help grow your business. Click here to subscribe. In a recent edition, we touched on four stock exchanges around the world that cater specifically to small business. Here they are, along with links to their websites.

EDGAR filing services for companies trading in the USA 

We now provide EDGAR filing services as part of our goal to provide a complete range of support services to our growing client base in the United States and around the world.

EDGAR is the online filing service of the SEC.  It’s here where investors can get the latest information on companies.

Whether you are a reporting public company, securities law firm, transfer agent, financial printer, or individual reporting to the SEC, we can be your reliable low-cost service partner for all types of SEC compliance filing requirements.  AND our rates are highly competitive.

  • All filing types – ASCII, HTML, XML, XBRL and the new iXBRL (inline XBRL) formats
  • Annual and Quarterly Reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc.), including XBRL/iXBRL tagging
  • Initial/Registration Statements (Reg D, Reg A, Form D, Crowdfunding, etc.)
  • Current event reports (8-K), including Cover Sheet Inline XBRL (iXBRL)
  • Beneficial Ownership filings (Form 13D, 13G, Forms 3, 4 and 5)
  • Holdings Reports (Form 13-F, NPORT and others)
  • Large Trader ID (Form 13H), Transfer Agent (TA-1/2), etc.
  • Foreign Issuer filings
  • Amendment filings (including revision tagging)
  • SEC Correspondence.

Integral approved as Transfer Agency with CDS

Integral Transfer Agency is proud to announce that is has complied with the new rules CDS (Canada’s stock clearing agency) has instituted for stock transfer agencies.

Integral was required to provide the following:

  • Fidelity Insurance Bond
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • An audit of our control procedures (CSAE 3416 Report)

These measures were taken by CDS to help boost the confidence in Canada’s financial markets and increase the competency of its participating organizations. Integral, has embraced the enhanced reporting as a way to improve on its systems and provide a more standardized set of processes to its clients.

Integral Transfer Agency was formed in 2009 to assist micro-cap businesses with access to capital markets. Currently our clients are on nine stock exchanges around the world. Our service offerings include:

  • stock transfer and registrar
  • shareholder communication
  • Global ISIN applications

Learn more at the CDS website

Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) – Canada

The CSE (formerly named “the CNSX”) is a low-cost, streamlined stock exchange with a high standard of disclosure. It has a fully automated marketplace that provides immediate execution of trades and a competitive market making model that provides additional liquidity.

Learn more at the CSE website.

OTC Pink, OTC Markets – United States of America

The OTC Pink marketplace offers trading in a wide spectrum of equity securities through any broker. This marketplace is for all types of companies that are there by reasons of default, distress or design, which is why they are further segmented based on the level of information that they provide.

Learn more at the OTC Markets website.

NewConnect – Poland

NewConnect is designed for dynamic companies seeking a capital injection to leverage their innovative potential in order to grow and join the ranks of large, high-value businesses.  Trading is regulated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), which strives to ensure a high level of transparency with the security of trading expected of public markets.

Learn more at the NewConnect website.

First North – Nordic Countries of Europe

First North is NASDAQ OMX’s European market for smaller, growing companies, with approximately 130 listed companies.  It operates in parallel to the main market but with requirements especially suited for growth companies. Thus, First North provides access to the benefits of a public listing with lighter listing requirements.  First North is often seen as a first step into the financial market, with approximately 5 companies per year transitioning to the main market as they grow and have the ability to fulfill the additional requirements.

Learn more at the First North website.

Integral can help point you in the right direction for listing on several of these markets.  For further information call 416-623-8028 x 210 or email —