Know Your Client

This is for our clients that aren’t reporting issuers. We need to collect data for regulatory and Ant-Money Laundering purposes. This is for new clients and existing clients who are adding or changing directors and officers.

Corporate Information Sheet

This is the core information we will need in order to properly sign up a new client. From this we can craft all of the necessary documentation.

Shareholder Change of Address
Please fill out this information if you need to update your contact info. Please note that we will confirm the information.

Treasury Request

All new issuances must have a treasury request that includes the following:

  • signature of the designated director. That signature must be either an original hand signed OR an electronic signature using an encrypted signature program (such as Docusign or Adobe)
  • Complete postal address information on each shareholder. We recommend getting their email address and phone number as well to make your life easier for future communication.
  • If there are any restrictions (if the company is a Canadian or USA non-reporting there will probably be restrictions)
  • If you have a large number of new shareholders please use the attached excel spreadsheet
    When submitting please have the director sign and date it as well.

Integral Canada Credit Card Approval / Integral USA Credit Card Approval

  • We follow strict rules regarding the collection and storage of credit card information. We don’t retain credit card information electronically.
  • Because we are doing the credit card processing remotely, we are required to get written approval from you.

Stock Power Form – individual / Stock Power Form – Company

When a shareholder wants to transfer ownership, please use this form attached to the paper certificate or DRS / Book Entry statement. The signature must be witnessed by a Notary Public OR have the Green Medallion stamp on it.

Proxy Meeting Planning Guide (NI-54-101)

When you need to hold a shareholders meeting (that’s at least once a year!) , this form will help you to map out the timelines, the costs and who does what.

Services Form Request

Integral and it’s affiliated companies provide a complete range of corporate and capital infrastructure services. Either give us a call at 416-623-8028 x 210 or complete the form.

Affidavit of Loss

CDS to CREST / Canada to UK Request