About Us

The Company 

Integral Transfer Agency Inc., is incorporated in the Province of Ontario.  Its registered address is 401 Bay Street, Suite 2702, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y4, Canada.

Integral is a recognized transfer agency with CDS Clearing and Depository Services Ltd., Canada’s stock clearing agency.

Service Objectives 

Companies, individual shareholders, brokerage houses, clearing firms and regulatory agencies all depend on our ability to provide timely and accurate data. For this reason, we take every precaution to ensure the continuity and security of our data.

CSAE 3416 Report

Integral Transfer’s Canadian operations is now required to submit a CSAE 3416 report annual to CDS to ensure that our operations processes meet generally accepted control standards.  These are audited by an accredited outside firm.  Integral submitted its first report in September 2017 and it was accepted by CDS.

Business Continuity Plan

Integral Transfer Agency has developed a business continuity plan that ensures our company continues to operate if we are unable to access our office. In addition to having a back-up office, the company has developed multiple layers of information back-up to ensure that our clients’ data is secure and accessible.


We take security of data as well as private information of clients and affiliates very seriously. We have implemented state-of-the art security measures to ensure that we are safe from intrusions and data loss.